Five reasons why Warhammer is my favourite High Fantasy Setting.

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If you have been interested in strategy gaming, then odds are you must have come across Warhammer in some shape or form. Created by Games Workshop for their tablet-top wargame it is a high fantasy universe which is memorable for its dark and gritty world of ceaseless conflict. 

The miniature table-top wargame has been around for over 30 years and has spawned multiple adaptations in various forms of media such as video games like Total War Warhammer and books like Gotrek and Felix. 

Even though Games Workshop annihilated the universe after three decades of world-building in a cataclysmic in-game event – the End Times, and reset everything in the new Age of Sigmar. Warhammer Fantasy universe still has a lot of stories to offer and a damn good time. Here are five reasons to dive into this wonderfully complex world.


1. Diversity

Think of every possible fantasy element ever and chances are that the world of Warhammer has it. From the valiant Human factions, the proud High Elves, the murderous Dark Elves, the stalwart Dwarfs, to scheming Vampires, vengeful Mummies, Chaos Demons and many more. It has everything that tickles your bone. All of these races and factions are distinct in nature and interact with each other in a fun and deadly manner.

The world of Warhammer spans continents and each continent has its own power struggles. Plus you have zombie pirates and Viking marauders or even Black Ark, city-sized ships ready to enslave anyone. These terrors roam the seas alongside hellish monsters ready to gobble up unsuspecting ships. The world of Warhammer is an unpleasant place to be in. With dark forests beckoning naive travelers to its depths where The Beastmen brayheards prey and feast for the glory of their dark gods.

The one thing that ties them all together is the ever-looming threat from beyond the material world- Chaos. As Chaos constantly tried to tear the mortal world apart, the races must set aside their differences and unite to fend it off. Throw in the wildcards like the Undead and the rat-like Skaven and you have a myriad of possible alliances, sabotages and insane feats of valor.

2. Characters

With grand conflicts rise great heroes. The Warhammer world is filled with many such names, like Ungrim Ironfist, the slayer king who seeks death but nothing is able to kill him. Then there is Grimgor Ironhide the biggest and baddest of Orks who can lay waste to armies with his giant axe and sorceress Morathi who singlehandedly created the lore of Dark magic. Each character has unique and interesting backstories and feats of valor or treachery or both and a unique concept of morality. Now, imagine all these badass characters (and there are a ton of them) in conflict with one another. It makes for very intriguing and climactic battles. All decked out with magical items and riding mythical creatures into battle. Either trying to save the world or destroy it.

3. Eternal conflict

The world of Warhammer is primarily driven by conflict. Especially against the Chaos Gods. The forces of ”good” (relatively good, really) are always holding on the tide of destructive forces. The world is always on the brink of collapse. Brave men of the Human Empire march to their dooms trying to hold on demonic powers with nothing but their steel, faith and discipline. Whereas the Elves are in the middle of their civil war. And the depleated dwarves are fighting for every bit of territory against the forces of the brutal Greenskin Orks and Goblins and the scheming Skaven. While the Lizardmen of Lustria try and enact the plans of the Old Ones that shaped the planet.

There are wildcards as well, a threat to everyone. The undead rise from their graves to swarm the land of the living and be the masters of the world. While the sellsword Ogres live only to feed. Blood is shed daily and plentifully all around the world as the Blood God sits on his throne of Skulls and rages for more.

Not just the mortal empires, the four Chaos Gods fight between themselves to establish dominance over the other. It is said that this conflict is what is keeping the world alive. Because if the Everchosen, the favored of all the Chaos Gods would arise, then no one could stop the End Times from coming.

4. Monster mash

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a T-Rex fought a Dragon fought a Mammoth fought a Werewolf fought a Vampire fought a Sphinx fought a Griffin fought an Ogre fought a Leviathan fought a Hydra fought a Giant fought a Phoenix? All of these and more are possible in this world. Don’t we all love a good King Kong vs Godzilla action? Well, there are hundreds of those in Warhammer.

5. Divine Intervention

Speaking of the Khorne the Chaos God of blood and war, the gods of the Warhammer world are not some myth or legend, they are real. Or rather, in some cases, made real, like Sigmar the first Emperor of mankind ascended godhood because the citizens of the Empire though of him as divine.

The gods play a major part in the narrative as they actively take part in shaping the world. It’s a great game that is being played and everyone is a pawn to the whims of the gods.

Each race has it’s own pantheon of divinities. And all are real. And all of them act to serve their own self-interests.

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