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Sometimes forgiveness is just not an option.

Especially when fate opens the red doors to vengeance.

A foul secret resides in the depths of the Grandelton Villa. For it can provoke a war, aeons in the making. Protecting it has wiped out Luke’s bloodline. Almost.

Seventeen-year-old Lucas Bailey struggles with dissociative identity disorder, which forces him to be a recluse. Things only get worse when he discovers an ancient king has chosen Luke as a vessel to right the wrongs of his past. If it wasn’t bad enough, The King tries to stop Luke from finding his father’s killer, concealing arcane secrets about Luke’s destiny. With the help of his best friend, he sets out to seek revenge and protect his remaining family.

In the end, who must Luke save and how much must he sacrifice?

Will the overwhelming grief of a Child overcome the King’s eternal promise?


When a Writer was Turned into a Poet

I don’t like poetry,
With its meters and rhymes,
With ideas abstract and feelings aplenty,
What has anyone achieved by shelling out their feelings?
Scribbling on a paper with torn-up meanings.

Why Mass Effect is my favourite Sci-fi setting.

Mass Effect does what most fiction dreams of doing. It makes you wish you forget it so you can fall in love with it again. Mass Effect is a sci-fi action RPG by the acclaimed studio Bioware. It is set in a fictional version of the Milky Way in the 22nd century where humanity has […]

Five reasons why Warhammer is my favourite High Fantasy Setting.

If you have been interested in strategy gaming, then odds are you must have come across Warhammer in some shape or form. Created by Games Workshop for their tablet-top wargame it is a high fantasy universe which is memorable for its dark and gritty world of ceaseless conflict.  The miniature table-top wargame has been around […]

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