Sometimes forgiveness is just not an option.

Especially when fate opens the red doors to vengeance.

A foul secret resides in the depths of the Grandelton Villa. For it can provoke a war, aeons in the making. Protecting it has wiped out Luke’s bloodline. Almost.

Seventeen-year-old Lucas Bailey struggles with dissociative identity disorder, which forces him to be a recluse. Things only get worse when he discovers an ancient king has chosen Luke as a vessel to right the wrongs of his past. If it wasn’t bad enough, The King tries to stop Luke from finding his father’s killer, concealing arcane secrets about Luke’s destiny.

With the help of his best friend, he sets out to seek revenge and protect his remaining family.

In the end, who must Luke save and how much must he sacrifice?

Will the overwhelming grief of a Child overcome the King’s eternal promise?